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Larissa Williamson of The Linden Mckinley High School

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1) The most talked about Awakenings were the first and second. The awakenings were a religious revival movement. The first awakening was in Great Britain and her colonies. Jonathan Edwards, a congressionalist minister accepted everyone into his audience. He traveled all over trying to convert everyone and make the New World a Christian country. The second great awakening got women to be more involved. They were trying to abolish slavery and find a solution for alcoholism.

2) The strengths of the Native Americans were they knew the lands and their kinship ties helped somewhat. They were smart and civilized in their own way. Their weaknesses were they were more likely to die from diseases the Europeans brought over, they had many languages and they were already fighting among themselves. The treatment differ from east and west because there were no real government in the west therefore people were more likely to get away for murders. The Indians were civilized by forced to convert their religion, cut their hair and dress like Europeans and speak their language. The Indians used the buffalo for their meat and skin for warm blankets and their tusks for weapons. The Sand Creek massacre is a village of Indians were killed.

3) Jacksonians- Indian Removal, Bank War, for the little guy

      Jeffersonian-Against bank, agriculture, avoid entangling alliances…

4) Jefferson-independent farmers, favored states’ rights, limited government

5) Daily life in the cities was busy. The cities were polluted. Women and children and immigrants began to work in factories more and more in dangerous conditions.

6) Homestead Act- people were selling their lands away and the big corporate bought them. Later on when the civilians want to access some kind of natural resources in the area they sold they have to buy it from the company.

7) The foreign minors were the Chinese, Germans, French, English, Mexicans, Latin Americans, Scott-Irish, Italian and Greeks. They were treated badly because they would take job no one wants and agree to get paid less than everyone. Also they were discriminated against for where they came from.

8) Mining camp was run by simple democracy and was wild.

9) Decent women were rare in the West. The often took jobs as cooks, housekeepers and seamstresses and for wages higher than in the East. Women in mining camps helped to foster family life and raised the moral tone by campaigning against drinking, gambling and prostitution.

10) Custer was responsible for his and his men’s death but “Custer’s Last Stand” set off a nationwide demand for revenge.

11) Divided tribal lands into individual family plots, 160 acres for family head 
, 80 acres for single adults, 40 acres for dependent children, surplus sold to white settlers, to fund Indian schools, Land held in trust for 15 years could not be sold leased by speculators, US citizenship would be granted after 25 years, Later altered by law, mixed heritage Indians can sell land

12) Workers were campaigning for an 8 hours work day. Someone threw a dynamite bomb that killed one policeman and fatally wounded 6 others. The police shot into the crowd killing 4.

13) Railroads provided transportation. It was what helped won the Civil War. Also, it was an easier way to transport goods within the country.

14) America outgrow European industrialization because we have lots of resources within the country, the idea of freedom and wealth brought immigrants to the land, Europeans had conflicts among themselves and countries they were controlling are revolting.

15) KOL- wanted to unite all labor, the Knights welcomed everyone whole toiled, regardless off skill, sex, creed or color, workers should not strike, order’s platform included 8 hour day and abolition of child labor but more often it focused on uplifting utopian reform.

16) Credit Mobilier-construction Company controlled by an inner ring on the Union Pacific, bribed congressmen and state legislators to avoid investigation, the land grants enabled to build railroads into Indian territories.

17) Immigrants’ wives were housekeepers and mothers.

18) Their priorities were to find a job and make money, get an education.

19) Life expectancy for Blacks in 1880 to 1900 was 33 years

20) Streetcar systems extended the radius and changed the urban map


22) Carnegie- Steel Company produced 1 million tons of steel a year, his steel alone produced more than Great Britain, the largest industrial company in the world


Rockefeller- built the Standard Oil Company at 24, triumphed for high quality of oil at the lowest unit cost, hired spies to harass customers of competing refiners, threatened rivals, bribed politicians, controlled 90% of country’s entire oil-refining capacity

23) Half the cowboys were Blacks and Mexicans

24) a) they were given the name because of the fight they put up when they were attacked

      b) They joined because of the recruitment posters also maybe because they wanted to prove that they can be a better soldier than the “white” men.

      c) Only a few buffalo soldiers desert because maybe the conditions weren’t as bad as slavery

      d) The experience of the buffalo soldiers and the African soldiers today are different because though there are still racism, the buffalo soldiers had to deal with that more and the conditions now are not as bad.

25) a) the solutions tell us that the city booster of the time was great, people needed more jobs. These attitudes still being expressed today by protest. The larger forces at work in finding Chicago was natural resources and because of transportation.

      b) It changed the American diet because they were killing so many of them in a year

      c) Other products are fertilizer, buttons, soap, combs and glue. Their method has improved but I believe they’re still producing in a similar way. These products changed daily American life by improving it.

26) a) it was fair because they had to make sure the immigrants didn’t carry any diseases with them into the US

      b) It was different because the steerage class had to go through more tests and had a higher chance of being sent back

      c) The arguments were disease and radical political views, I think these arguments were stupid because people were only afraid of what they don’t know and weren’t willing to give it a try. It is different from immigration today because now a day people are more accepting of different races.

27) a) the Supreme Court handed down a series of decisions that overturned much reconstruction legislation, limited federal protection for blacks, and encouraged racial segregation. I think this is very ignorant. To look down on someone because of their skin color is a very stupid thing to do. Everybody believe in don’t judge a book by its cover then why were they

doing that? Today public opinion of Blacks have improved however it need to be better because there are still stereotypes out there and more Black people should try to change it instead of living to it.

      b) It probably was effective in those days but I thought that was very stupid. You should be proud of your heritage.

      c) Some of the factors were imperialism and thoughts of people inferior.

28) a) It was popular because it was a warm fantasy story which took people from their daily lives. The cyclone in the story took her from a drought Kansas into a land of riches.

      b) The values Baum was trying to illustrate were freedom, love independence, self reliance, individualism and sympathy. He was attempting to address the great depression. It was symbolized by the characters because Dorothy had sympathy and the characters loved their friends. Also, they later rules on their own.

      c) Baum was successful in creating an American fairy tale because the story was creative, joyful which helped get people away from the sadness in the world. If Baum was writing today, the issues he would address are immigration and religion.


Chapter 25

1.       Model T went down in price because the process of making a model T had changed. A cheaper way was found.

2.       The increase in purchasing power was the fact that people were producing more things.

3.       Electric motors

4.       Automobiles led to growth

5.       Radio broadcasting, motion picture, production, NBC, KDKA, etc.

6.       Sechunal differences in dress, food and furniture began to disappear.

7.       Agriculture the hardest hit was the agricultural, a sharp cutback of expurism 1919, caused a rapid decline in prices.

8.       The unequal distribution of wealth, the growth of consumer debts, the saturation of the market for cars, and appliances and rampart speculation, all contributed to economic instability.

9.       To symbolize the new mass culture.

10.   Women, who wanted to be as treated as men went.

11.   To a sharp rise in the divorce rate.

12.   Six hours

13.   Smaller, easier access to effective birth control method.

14.   A rebellion

15.   Gangland shout outs

16.   Blank

17.   Movies, books, and plays

18.   Automobiles

19.   7%

20.   14%

21.   Move single women had sex because it was the new popular thing. It was ok in public view.

22.   The 1920s was a very different decade.

23.   The waste land by tis Elliot

24.   The waste land

25.   The rural perspective was to get to the city, because they were prospering without them.

26.   United States attorney general.

27.   Blank

28.   The American reaction to the red scare was fear, they feared everyone and everything, they feared that communist in filtrated the American government.

29.   The judgment statement on Sacco and Vanzetti was that they were guilty in 1st degree murder.

30.   Prohibition led to a new found disrespect for the law.

31.   Nature born, white gentile Americans.

32.   Violent activities, misuse of funds, and sexual scandals led to the fall at the KKK.

33.   The scopes trial conclusion was that it went to the Supreme Court were the anti-evolution law stayed intact for another 40 years.

34.   The republicans

35.   Honestly and integrity upon Harding’s death.

36.   Started off as the secretary of commence

37.   William McKinley.


Chapter 27

1. All the countries got together to sign a treaty against war, but they ended up forming an alliance.

2. An active foreign policy, getting uninvolved with other countries.

3. Sending a vast steam of war suppliers to 20 and allied countries

4. Were neither in solution no univolvement, but a cautious middle course that managed to alienate friends and encourage foes.

5. Hawley-smout tariff

6. By signing an agreement opening up diplomat relations between 2 countries.

7. Good-neighbor policy

8. They lacked raw materials.

9. Japan, U.S, Britain.

10. By over running Manchuria in a brutal act of aggression.

11A. The depression mad foreign policy seem remote and unimportant to most Americans.

11B. The depression of war abroad served only to strengthen the desire to escape involvement.



14A. FDR couldn’t get enough votes for the neutrality revision.

14B. Russia refused overtures for a common front against Germany and signed a non aggressional treaty with Hitler.

15. By proclaiming American new trality.

16. Replace the arms embargo with cash and carry regulations.

17. Germans attached in lighten my speed and devastating effects.

18. If England told, Hitler might gang control at the British navy.

19. England was running out of money.

20. The embargo on aviation gasoline.

21. Roosevelt suspended all Japanese assets in U.S.

22. The 14th part of the reply to Hulls note.

23. “That will line in infamy”.

24. The behavior of Germany and Japan. Pre-war military talks; close cooperation between Roosevelt.

25. The Russians refused to pay pre-revolutionary debts.

26. The fact that the U.S and England could only offer promises of future help and send lend lease supplies.

27. The defeat of the Japanese navy (air-lift).

28. American industry worked to capacity, more jobs; women out of the homes and into the work force, urban military supplies.

29. Factories committed to planes, tanks and other military supplies.

30. 94% tax rate

31. They rose by 68% in 4 years.

32. Vast migration, rural areas, lost population, families suffered from over population, schools, unable, to cove with influx of new students education crisis.

33. He compromised; Randolph end march and he created a fair employment practrees committee.

34. An arguments broke out between blacks and whites, lending to a not the next day.

35. Combat team.

36. Renamed their American citizenship and chase to live in Japan.

37. At 1.2 billion for the essential 60,000 surviving Japanese Americans declined during WWII.

38. TO received political support from organized labor.

39. Communism

40. Dwight D. Eisenhower.

41. Some argued for raison the death camps; some said that the raids alone wouldn’t stop the killing.


43. None.

44. Had more in mind that defeat why Japan (using the atomic bomb)… Just trying to end WWII as quickly as possible and as effortlessly as possible.


Chapter 28

1.       Stain had been in power for two decades with a caution and cunning style. Truman only was in office for 3 months.

2.       Potsdam 13 a Suburio of Berlin.

3.       Truman no treed that Stalin was honest but smart.

4.       Russians wanted to rebuild with German industries when the U.S feared it would be saddled with the entre cast of cawhy for the defeated germans.

5.       “Because they did not agree on how to govern Europe”

6.       Truman said that all the agreements made at the pulsdam were brokem as soon as stalin returned to muscow.

7.       U.S and Britain wanted a “free germany while Russia wanted to persue communism.

8.       Blank

9.       Blank

10.   By the time Truman informed stalin about the bomb the Russians were on their way to making their own bomb.

11.   Relying on gifted subornates to handle on towards flow of Russian power.

12.   Kennan believed containments would halt the outward flow of Russian power.

13.   Truman “Scared”, out of the Americans.

14.   The containment policy was to “support free people who are resisting attempted sub jugamun by armed mimorities or by outside pressure.

15.   Including Russian marshalls offer at ard.

16.   Yes

17.   Nato was formed to assure protection from the U.S

18.   Truman transferred 60 B-29s with no bombs in them to guard against soviet interruption of the Berlin airlift.

19.   The Berlin airlift was successful.

20.   Must military spending went to the air force.

21.   The republicans senators said that it was the American diplomats fault.

22.   The north Korean army crossed the 38th parallel.

23.   The police action fought unoler U.N airspices: in reality the the U.S was at war with a soviet satellite in Asia.

24.   Truman shifted from restormy the 38th parallel to the unicreation of korea by military force.

25.   Blank

26.   The most significant of the Korean consiret was the massive American marment it brought about.

27.   Blank

28.   Foundness for old friends.

29.   His lack of political rision

30.   Had enough

31.   The American people responded by eleting republican majorities in both the horse and senate.

32.   The Dixie rais were southern democrats who bolted from their party to support.

33.   Truman won a narrow but decisine victory in November.

34.   Huac-house on American activities committee indfeated.

35.   The stridency and sensationalism of the senator’s accusations.

36.   He would personally go to the battlefield in an attempt to bring the Korean war to an early and honorable end.

37.   Subtle rinos to china on the passive use of nuclear weapons to break the stalemated peace talks.

38.   Because of his reckless cruelty.

39.   To end the arms race.

40.   The prevented ho chi minn from achieving an independent vieterran.

41.   The European allies invaded Europe and seized suezcanal.

42.   The CIA overthrew 6 popularly elected government in Iran, and placed.

43.   The trust artifieral satalite to orbit the earth.


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